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Set of door hardware - PZ 92 - for front door - antique iron

Item No.: ABS 2TK + 2LgSch Ice Grund-25.074.960 / + VM25033
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Set of door hardware - PZ 92 - for front door - antique iron

Beautiful set of door hardware suitable for cylinder lock PZ 92 - for the front door, made of antique iron.

Beautiful door hardware is important because it can be a visually appealing addition to your home and adds to the overall aesthetic of your home. It can make a statement in your interior and contribute to the atmosphere of a room. Well-chosen door hardware can also contribute to the value of your home.

Many historic home doors had a mandrel size of 10 x 10 mm. For this reason, you can find this bushing (which reinforces the 8-Duin mandrel at 10x10 mm) within our offers and order extra, see the corresponding images on the site handmade.

Scope of delivery: 1 set of door hardware, antique iron
(ABS 2TK + 2LgSch Ice Grund-25.074.960 / + DVH25033060 PZ92)

2 x long plate antique iron (VM-25.074.960 / PZ92)
2 x door handles antique iron (VM-250.330,60)
incl. mandrel. (Measure 8 mm x 8 mm and 10 cm long)

Long plate: length 32 cm x width 7 cm
Distance from centre mandrel keyhole centre 92 mm (German standard)
Handle length: 10 cm
Distance of the handle blade from the door: 4.5 cm

Weight: 2 kg

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