Artificial flower Delphinium Branch - Blue - 114 cm

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Delphinium Branch - Blue - 114 cm 

Discover our enchanting collection of artificial flowers, expertly crafted to the finest detail for a beautiful and realistic look.

Enjoy the timeless beauty of flowers all year round, without the need for watering.
Enhance your space with the colourful splendour of our artificial flowers, where even connoisseurs won't notice the difference.

Delphinium, derived from the Latin word for dolphin, refers to the striking resemblance of the flower buds to the contours of a dolphin.
The Dutch name 'ridderspoor' is easier to recognise; similar to knights, the flowers bear a spur pointing backwards.

These meaningful flowers symbolise: truth and protection.

Scope of delivery: 1x delphinium branch, blue, 114 cm

Height 114 cm


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