Statue Bastet - Egyptian Goddess - cat grey - polystone

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Statue Bastet - Egyptian Goddess - cat grey - polystone
The cat-headed woman was revered for many predominantly good qualities.
She was also revered as a protective deity against evil and darkness. The Great Battle: Light Against Shadow had a powerful meaning in ancient Egypt.
The cat Bastet was fighting, according to tradition, alongside the sun god Ra against the Shadows and the serpent god Apohis.

The daughter of the sun god Ra, represented as a woman with the cat's head, represents:
Fertility and pregnancy
- love and sexuality
- joy and celebration
- Dance and music

She was worshipped with mummification of her own deceased cat and numerous cat sculptures.

Even if you don't want to pay homage to ancient gods, this sculpture is still an incredible eye-catcher.

This beautiful and noble-looking cat sculpture made of polystone was modelled with a much detailed of ancient Egyptian mural one and works through the sublime aura from afar as an absolute eye-catcher.

Whether you are looking for a terrace or front garden with this antique Egyptian cat figure, you can easily create impressive scenarios.

Beautiful on the entrance steps as an exquisite guardian and a wonderful welcoming committee.

Scope of delivery: 1 Egyptian cat, large, made of polystone, black/grey.

Dimensions approx:
Height 72 cm
Width 28 cm
Depth 42 cm

Weight: approximately 6 kg, shipped in XL package.


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