Robust Bird feeder - 150 cm - Handmade

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Robust Bird feeder - 150 cm - Handmade

This robust bird feeder, handmade from wood, is a wonderful addition to any garden.
With a height of 150 cm, this large feeder provides a generous space for birds to eat comfortably.
The sturdy four-legged design ensures that the feeder is stable.

Handmade: Each feeder is unique and carefully crafted.
Large size: With a height of 150 cm, it offers an impressive presence in your garden.
Sturdy design: Stably placed on four legs for added stability.
Beautiful garden decoration: A functional and decorative element for your outdoor space.
Welcome the birds to your garden with this beautiful and robust wooden bird feeder and enjoy the natural beauty it adds to your outdoor environment.

Delivery scope: 1x robust bird feeder 150 cm

Dimensions approx:
Height 150 cm 
Width 46 cm
Feeder 31 x 31 cm

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