DI filter, demineralize water, prevent hard water

Item No.: WZ-25-cm-DI-filter
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DI filter, demineralize water, prevent hard water.

This water filter ensures that water is deionized / demineralized . This has the great advantage that the water, which contains large amounts of ions, will become less hard. Hard water, for example, is difficult to clean if it comes on somewhere (for example, solid and a white color), so this is due to the large amounts of ions (which cause chemical reactions) in hard water.

This filter prevents that and can be used in the following product: housing 25 centimeter filters.

If you want to combine this with other filters, you can find the suitable filters under ''filters and accessories'' and the suitable system under ''water purification installations'' (possibly with or without UV technology). There are standard filters in the water treatment plants, so you may not need to order separate filters (DI is not standard).

Scope of delivery: DI filter, 25 cm.

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