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Water filter, water cleaning system at home / system, 45 liters

Item No.: WZ-50-cm-WAND-PP-GAC-CTO

Water filter, water cleaning system at home / system, 45 liters.

A water purification system with which you can purify dirty water very well! Do you want to purify drinking water, rainwater or other dirty water? And buy a high-quality water treatment plant? Then this is a very good solution!

The system consists of the following phases / filters:

First phase
5 micron PP cartridge
To remove sediment, rust and scale.

Second phase
5 micron GAC filter to remove organic chemicals, chlorine and a bad smell and improve the taste.

Third phase
5 micron CTO cartridge
To remove bad taste, smell, chlorine, chemicals and cysts.

These are high-quality filters that are suitable for drinking water to clean, but also rainwater, for example. If the water also needs to be cleaned of bacteria and viruses, then the UV system that is also on the site is a better alternative. This system also makes the water absolutely purer than how it comes out of the tap and therefore very suitable as drinking water.

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