Ornate Fountain - with Brass Tap - Alu - Dark Brown

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Ornate Fountain - with Brass Tap - Alu - Dark Brown

Enrich your outdoor space with the elegant splendour of our Standing Water Faucet/Fountain with Brass Faucet.
Made of high-quality aluminium, this striking piece not only adds a touch of rustic allure, but also creates a soothing and refreshing element with its fountain.

With an impressive height of 104 cm, a width of 46 cm and a depth of 42 cm, this standing water tap fountain effortlessly dominates any setting.
The dark brown colour with black tones lends timeless charm, while the use of durable material ensures long-lasting beauty.

Place it in your garden, on your terrace or by your pond to create an atmosphere of calm and sophistication.

Scope of delivery: 1x standing fountain with tap made of brass, alu, brown

Dimensions approx:
Height 104 cm
Width 46 cm
Depth 42 cm

Weight approx. 15 kg.


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