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Half set of door hardware PZ92 - door knob with long plate - polished nickel

Item No.: 1LS+1Kn-VM-.720.10+20.090.10
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Half set door fitting PZ92 - rotating door knob with long plate - polished nickel

For the outside of your front door, a chic knob suitably polished in nickel.
It consists of an attractive long door plate and the shapely swivel knob.
The elegant, griffgeschmeid shaped door knob, and the distinctive long plate, which were high quality work by an antique model, are the ideal addition for your historic door.

The knob is rotatable.

Beautiful door hardware is an indispensable addition to any home or property. It can be not only a beautiful aesthetic addition, but also a functional and practical enhancement.
The first thing visitors see when they enter a house or property is the door.
A beautiful door handle, door latch or door knob can therefore contribute greatly to a positive first impression and a welcoming atmosphere

Scope of delivery: 1 half set for front door, PZ 92, nickel polished
consisting of 1 long plate PZ + 1 Knauf, incl. mandrel/square (8x8 mm)
(1LS + 1 KN-DVH-.720.10 + 20.090.10)

Dimensions approx:
Long plate:
Length 28 cm
Width 4.4 cm
Profile cylinder (PZ 92)
Distance knob - keyhole, from centre to centre: 92 mm

Diameter 57 mm

Weight: 0.6 kg


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