Stable windows in which custom glass is ordered we have cut by our supplier and can never and cannot be returned, as we cannot go back to our glass company with pieces of glass, we really can't!!!

Door fittings have to be fitted and there are a number of guidelines and obligations that come with that.

The main issue now is fitting outside in all weathers and wind, where colour changes due to weather influences can eventually occur, which can be prevented by regular maintenance of your door fittings.

Iron antique door fittings:

If you buy uncoated iron door fittings and use them outdoors, you should first wax them, otherwise (especially in humid weather) you will have deposits on them within a few days. You can easily prevent this by waxing. You can buy wax at any hardware store. Perform this treatment once a year is our advice.

Brass door fittings:

Here this process will strike much more slowly and will also be less noticeable, yet we also recommend treating this first with a polish that leaves a wax layer, this way you can easily polish away any spots when cleaning.