Storm chain with spring - 50 cm - galvanised

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Storm chain with spring - 50 cm - galvanised

With this steel galvanised storm chain on your external door, you can prevent doors from opening hard in gusts. This prevents damage to doors, windows and frames.
This chain is very suitable for use on back doors and barn doors, but can basically be used on any exterior door slamming outwards.

This chain is approximately 50 cm long and is protected by a plastic hose, so that even the chain itself cannot cause damage to the door or window frame. Depending on the position in which the storm chain is placed, the maximum opening is determined. The spring ensures that the blow of an opening door is gradually absorbed and no dislocation of, for example, the hinges takes place.

Mounting this storm chain is very easy.
Four screws attach one side to the inside of the door and the other to the frame.
This makes it a simple, inexpensive and efficient solution to protect windows and doors.

Scope of delivery: 1x storm chain with spring - 50cm - galvanised

Length: 50 cm
Fastening plates: 4 x 4 cm


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