Wind haak sluiting met drop haak, ijzer, kleine, 13 cm.

Artikelnr: ABS-wind haak sluiting-DVH-400.475,60)

Wind hook closure as antique, barn door lock, Kajüt hook.

A light shutter as antique as a wind hook - on the door or gate.

Old model worked:
An optically very beautifully designed, wind hook, to be used
for stable doors or fly screen doors. This beautiful closure with hook
can be mounted on the right or left.
 High quality-very high quality iron!

On one of the pictures, you can see three drop hooks ready. The two other sizes are available in our shop.

scope of delivery:
1 Wind hook closure with drop hook, iron, small
(ABS-wind hook closure-DVH-400.475.60)

Dimensions: Total length: 13 cm
Hook alone: ​​10 cm
Height: 4 cm

Weight: 0.3 kg

new item

tags: door handle, nostalgia, castle ranks, antiques, gate bolts, manor house, tower hook, hook case kajüt, cabin hook, buckle, capper,

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