Beautiful toilet set nickel with porcelain handles, antique, high quality

Item No.: Drehv+2TK+3DR-.562.10-.702.10-.206.10

Porcelain handles in color

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Beautiful toilet door set nickel with porcelain handles, antique, high quality.

An exclusive toilet door set - of high quality as a decorative addition to toilet doors.

The particularly high-quality screw cap in shiny nickel looks fantastic - ideal for historic renovations and historic preservation!
Beautiful nickel in a modern ambience.

Prefer a different color handle? You can!
See the last picture for the available colors, then you can use the drop-down menu to specify the color you want.

Delivery: Toilet door screw cap with two door knobs with porcelain handles black, polished nickel.
(Drehv + + 3DR 2TK-.562.10-.702.10-.206.10)

Screw cap: Round plate: Diameter: 5.8 cm.
Measured incl. eyes to screw on: diameter 7.4 cm.

Locks - Length: 14 cm.
Door distance: 6 cm.

Rosettes: diameter 50 mm.

Weight: 0.4 kg.

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