Batterie for power storage

Current energy facilities are becoming (too) expensive and therefore we offer the possibility of storage of your own generated power.

This system works completely independently and is realtively easy to install, the basic storage capacity is 10 Kw per battery, this can be expanded to 170 Kw.

The 10 Kw is sufficient for a household of up to 4 people. 

This system will mainly be used to store your own generated solar energy for later use, however, the system can also store power generated by wind energy.

What is also a possibility: that you charge the system via a generator in a short time in order to use this stored energy later again. 

Attention: always have the installation of this storage system done by a certified installer.

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Product 1 to 3 (of 3 products) Result:1

Feed back to the grid?

The 5000HL energy storage system is an autonomous off-grid system and does not support feed-in to the grid. It operates independently and is designed for self-consumption of generated energy.

How many solar panels can be connected?

The number of solar panels that can be connected depends on the open terminal voltage of the panels. The system supports a maximum load of 5000W/500V per hour. For example, if you have solar panels of 410Wp with a voltage of 37.26V, you can connect a maximum of 13 solar panels (500/37.26 = 13).

Fuse box

Our all-in-one energy storage system is a 1-phase system and is not suitable for heavy loads. Appliances such as induction cooktops, Jacuzzis, heat pumps and electric cars like Tesla require high energy consumption that batteries are not designed for. It is recommended that such heavy loads be connected to the grid. Use our system for daily power needs such as heating, lighting, television, computers, etc. Install an additional fuse box to connect appliances that will run on clean energy in the future.


If you choose our system, you will have your own power plant. Unlike some competing products that require a grid connection for power during power outages, our system generates its own power. As long as the sun shines, you have a constant supply of free and 100% green energy. With our system, you are no longer dependent on the government or large energy suppliers.

Installation Attention: always have the installation of this storage system done by a licensed installer.