Greek Chest and Back cuirass - Knight's armour - armour steel

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Greek Chest and Back cuirass - armour - armour steel

Authentic Greek breast and back cuirass made of steel is a stunning decorative piece that embodies the beauty and strength of Greek history.
Made of high-quality steel and is designed to be an impressive and stylish display piece.

This authentic Greek chest and back cuirass made of steel is a special piece of historical and cultural significance.

Intended as a decorative item, this cuirass is wearable thanks to its 6 leather straps to tie.

Matching knight's gloves are also available, see last photo.

Scope of delivery: 1x breast and back cuirass

Dimensions approx:

Suitable for a chest circumference of approx. 120 to 145 cm
(can be adjusted with the leather straps)

Overall length: approx. 58 cm

Neckline: approx. 16.5cm

Weight is approx. 4.8 kg.

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