Large lava stone reclining Buddha Nirvana - XL Buddha statue

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Large lava stone reclining Buddha-XL Buddha statue, unique !!

An impressive reclining Buddha from Bali made of lava stone. The reclining position symbolises the transition to the afterlife (nirvana). According to the Asian world, this statue brings prosperity, happiness and peace.

This reclining Buddha brings the oriental relaxing atmosphere into your garden. With a length of 2.5 metres, this Buddha requires some space.

Hand carved from grey pyroclastic lava. The figure is richly ornamented and appears very powerful with its survival size of 230cm. The making of such sculptures has a long tradition in Bali and is passed down from generation to generation. Pyroclastic lava is a volcanic ejecta rock. Due to the way it is formed, the natural stone contains many air pockets. This results in a low density. The natural stone is weather-resistant and frost-proof.

Dimensions are approximately 1.9 metres long x 34 cm wide x 60 cm high.

Weight approximately 250 Kg!

Delivery of this Buddha only in consultation!!!!!

This statue is too large to transport easily!!!!

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