Decorative Medieval Battle Axe - Cast iron - 62 cm

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Decorative Medieval Battle Axe - Cast iron - 62 cm

This cast iron artwork uniquely combines history and decoration, offering an authentic piece that captures the imagination.

Measuring 62 cm long and 21 cm wide, this battle axe evokes an era of knights and castles.
Made of durable cast iron, this decorative piece has a robust look and detailed design that attracts attention.

While not a functional weapon, this medieval hatchet adds a dramatic visual element to any room.
Place it in your living room, hallway or even in a themed room to evoke a sense of history and adventure.

Discover the grandeur of the past with our Decorative Medieval Battle Axe.
Whether you are a lover of history or just want to add an eye-catching decorative piece, this cast-iron artwork is a real eye-catcher that evokes both conversation and admiration.

Delivery scope: 1x decorative battle axe medieval

Dimensions approx:
Length 62 cm
Width 21 cm
Depth 3 cm

Weight approx. 8 kg.

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