Statue Seated Fox | Polystone | Full colour

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Statue Sitting Fox | Polystone | Full colour

Add some natural charm to your interior or outdoor space with this beautiful polystone statue of a seated fox.
With a height of 27 cm and a width of 19 cm, this statue is a perfect addition to any space and is sure to attract the attention of young and old alike.

This seated statue of a fox has been crafted with attention to detail, making it the perfect representation of this beloved forest dweller's elegance and curiosity.
From the expressive eyes to the fluffy fur and stature, every aspect of the fox is captured in a realistic and refined style.

Made of high-quality polystone, this statue is durable and weather-resistant, allowing it to be used both indoors and outdoors.
It features a protective UV varnish, which preserves the colours and allows the fox to retain its vibrant look even when exposed to sunlight.

Whether you are a fox lover, have a nature theme in your interior, or are simply looking for a unique decorative piece to show off your personality, this polystone seated fox statue is sure to impress.
Place it on a bookshelf, desk, windowsill or outside on a terrace or balcony to add a touch of playfulness and natural beauty to any space.

Delivery scope: 1x statue sitting fox polystone

Dimensions approx:
Height 27 cm
Width 19 cm
Depth 16 cm

Weight approx. 1 kg.

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