Painting Lion and Lioness - 90 x 60 cm

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Painting Lion and Lioness - 90 x 60 cm 

Bring the majestic power of the savannah into your home with this beautiful painting of a lion and lioness.
With two powerful heads coming together in an impressive work of art, this painting exudes an undeniable charm that enriches any room.

The image has been carefully applied to a 3 mm thick MDF board, with a sturdy 2 cm thick frame on the back for easy hanging.

With a generous size of 90 cm wide and 60 cm high, this artwork effortlessly dominates a wall and serves as a striking focal point in your interior.

Be inspired by Vermeer's masterful art with this beautiful painting of the ‘Milkmaid’.

Delivery scope: 1x painting lion and lioness

Dimensions approx:
Height 90 cm.
Width 60 cm

Weight approx. 2.3 kg.

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