Wall ornament Sun and Moon - 60 cm - Round - Copper look

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Wall ornament Sun and Moon - 60 cm - Round - Copper look

Bring a touch of mysticism and harmony to your interior with this beautiful wall ornament of the sun and moon.
With a diameter of 60 cm and an elegant round shape, this decorative piece adds a touch of cosmic beauty to any room.

Made of durable metal with a sophisticated copper look, this wall ornament exudes both strength and sophistication.
The sun, a symbol of vitality and energy, and the moon, a symbol of calm and intuition, come together in perfect balance.

Hang this wall ornament in your living room, bedroom, or even outside on your terrace, and enjoy the soothing look it brings.

Whether it serves as a statement piece or complements your existing decor, this wall ornament is sure to attract attention and admiration.

Scope of delivery: 1x w.o. sun and moon

Dimensions approx:
Diameter 60 cm

Easy to hang with hanging eye on the back.

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