Beautiful and unique large heavy lantern pole in the colour black with really nice lamp head, 6 left!!!

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This nostalgic garden lantern is a decorative lighting piece reminiscent of the nostalgic charm of days gone by. This garden lantern is designed to have a classic look. This is a traditional design of a nostalgic garden lantern also a classic design reminiscent of lanterns from the 19th century or earlier. Made of aluminium with 1 beautiful round blown glass in 1 piece, it is secured using the brass rods L and R of the glass ball. The colour is antique black. There is a service hatch at the bottom of the post for easy connection. The lamp head is fitted with a stone socket. This lantern is a large and sturdy specimen, which will certainly act as an eye-catcher e.g. in the garden. Placement : These lanterns can be placed along garden paths, at the entrance of your house, around a terrace or near a garden pond to create a nostalgic atmosphere.
Adding a nostalgic garden lantern to your outdoor space can bring a touch of romance and timeless beauty. They are perfect for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your garden or on your terrace, especially at night when lit. 

Delivery: 1 x hefty lantern complete with large head, round glass, brass rods, and fitting in black colour.

Sizes are approx:

Overall height is 308 cm, pole is tall 2 metres and base is 30 x 30 cm.

The lantern head is 108 cm high and has 1 diameter of 48 cm.

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