Lamp post - 160 cm - Cast iron

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Lamp post - 160 cm - Cast iron

Do you want to add lantern lighting with a robust, heavy-duty lamp post? 
This loose cast iron lamp pole, with a height of 160 centimetres, is a decorative addition for your front garden, park, backyard or along the street side.

Made entirely of high-quality cast iron, the lamp pole weighs about 40 kilograms. 
This classic lamp post is decorated with decorative flowers and lilies on the base and mast, and its round architectural shape makes it ideal for a garden with a nostalgic design.

The iron base of this old-fashioned light pole has three M12 mounting holes, allowing you to easily anchor the pole to a concrete post or hard surface. 
Moreover, this lantern pole is finished with a dark red primer, also known as menie, allowing you to paint the pole with a metal paint of your choice.

Scope of delivery: 1x lantern pole, cast iron, 160 cm

Dimensions approx:
Height 160 cm
Base diameter 30 cm
Top diameter 45 mm
Mounting diameter 3x m12 screws

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