Classic Garden Vase on Round Pedestal - 120 cm - Stone

Item No.: klass.tuinv.rond.sokk.120.st.p.323+1879
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Classic Garden Vase on Round Pedestal - 120 cm - Stone

Add a touch of classic beauty to your garden with this beautiful garden vase on a round pedestal.
At around 120 cm tall, this garden vase is an imposing and timeless piece that instantly attracts attention.

Its classic styling and sturdy design make it an elegant addition to any garden setting.

Place this classic garden vase on your patio, along your garden path or as the centrepiece of a flower garden and enjoy the timeless beauty it adds to your outdoor space.

Scope of delivery: 1x garden vase + pedestal, stone

Dimensions approx:

Overall height 120 cm

Height 63 cm (inside 51 cm)
Diameter 45 cm (inside 24 cm)

Height 57 cm
Diameter 32 cm

Total weight approx. 130 kg.

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