Round Flowerpot on Pedestal - 83 cm - Stone

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Round Flowerpot on Pedestal - 83 cm - Stone

A round flower pot on a pedestal, both made entirely of stone.
With an overall height of about 83 cm and a flowerpot diameter of 40 cm, this combination is the perfect addition to your garden or patio.

The flowerpot rests gracefully on the sturdy plinth, creating an impressive height that is both imposing and sophisticated.

Whether it flaunts along a garden path, acts as a charming accent in your flower garden or is a stylish addition to your terrace, this set is an eye-catcher that is sure to attract admiration....
Its classic look and timeless design make it perfect for a variety of garden and patio styles.

Add a touch of class and beauty to your outdoor living with our round flower pot on pedestal set.
Let your garden blossom with this beautiful addition.

Scope of delivery: 1x round flower pot + pedestal, stone

Dimensions approx:

Overall height 83 cm

Flower pot
Height 33 cm
Diameter 40 cm
Base 20 x 20 cm

Height 50 cm
24 x 24 cm

Total weight approx. 60 kg.

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