Rustic rings set as door closers/gate closers, beautiful nostalgic rust brown

Item No.: deur-poort-set-sluiter-hp-8-br-set-s
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Rustic rings as door shutter/gate shutter set metal- rust brown.

Handcrafted in the highest quality, this medieval-looking double assembly for opening and closing doors and or gates.
The set consists of two rings: Both rings are connected to the mandrel 8x8 mm through the shaft of the lock. By turning the ring on the inside or outside, the door can be opened.

Superb on old gates, but also beautiful on rustic interior or exterior doors, This set gives a nice atmosphere in appropriate environment.

Dimensions approx:
Ring = 75 mm
Rosette diameter = 50 mm
Height = 90 mm
Weight is approximately 0.5 kg, set is approximately 1100 grams.

Scope of delivery: 1 x door closers set - consisting of 2 ring-handles "rest-iron", including mandrel 8 x 8 mm and fixing screws.


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