Cast iron Statue of a Snail | Multifunctional as a Bootlegger

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Cast iron Statue of a Snail | Multipurpose as a Boot Keeper

Discover our beautiful handmade cast iron snail, a versatile decorative piece that can also serve as a handy boot servant.

Each one is hand-cast according to centuries-old craftsmanship and tradition, giving it a unique and authentic character.
At approximately 12.5 cm tall and 31 cm long, this cast iron item is a striking addition to your interior or garden.

Enjoy the durability and timeless beauty of this handmade sculpture of a snail, which is both functional and decorative.

Delivery scope: 1x snail cast iron 

Dimensions approx:
Height 12.5 cm
Width 31 cm
Depth 12 cm

Weight approx. 1.8 kg.

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