Statue Dino from Egg - Full Stone - White/Grey

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Statue Dino from Egg - Full Stone - White/Grey

Add a touch of prehistoric charm to your space with our stunning statue of a Dino from Egg.
Crafted entirely from white/grey stone, this artwork brings to life the mystery and wonder of the dinosaur age with a modern twist.

The sculpture shows a beautiful dinosaur breaking out of its egg, with realistic textures and nuances bringing the stone to life.
The white/grey colour palette adds a touch of elegance, giving the statue both a timeless and contemporary look.

At around 21 cm tall, this artwork is a perfect addition to any space, be it your living room, garden or office.
The sturdy stone construction makes this sculpture suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Create a unique conversation piece and add a touch of playful imagination to your surroundings with this beautifully sculpted Dino from Egg sculpture.
A piece that not only attracts attention but also inspires admiration for the art and mystical past it represents.

Delivery scope: 1x sculpture dino from egg, stone

Dimensions approx:
Height 20.5 cm
Width 29 cm
Depth 16 cm

Weight approx. 7 kg.

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