Stone goshawk - White with Grey - Animal sculpture

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Stone Goshawk - White with Grey - Animal sculpture

Add a touch of natural beauty with our stunning stone sculpture of a Goshawk on a tree trunk.
Measuring around 50 cm tall, this masterpiece pays homage to the beauty of the bird of prey, captured in white and grey tones of durable stone.

Detailed and realistic, the sculpture shows the hawk in all its glory, with each feather carefully sculpted to create a lifelike feel.
Placed on a rustic tree trunk, the statue adds another layer of natural elegance.

Whether in your living room, terrace or garden, this sculpture is a timeless addition to any setting.
The white and grey of the stone exudes a calm splendour, while the detailed gaze of the hawk facing right conveys a sense of determination and strength.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Scope of delivery: 1x hawk, stone

Dimensions approx:
Height 50 cm
Width 20 cm
Depth 20 cm

Weight approx. 16 kg.

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