Statue Kneeling Angel with Wreath on Base - 140 cm - Solid Stone

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Statue Kneeling Angel with Wreath on Pedestal - 140 cm - Solid Stone

Be enchanted by the beauty of our kneeling angel with beautiful wings and a wreath in her hand.
Set on a square plinth, this statue is a unique and meaningful addition to any room.

With an overall height of about 140 cm, this work of art is an impressive eye-catcher.
Made entirely of stone, this set exudes a timeless splendour that draws attention and admiration.

Scope of delivery: 1x statue angel with wreath + pedestal, stone

Dimensions approx:
Total height 140 cm

Statue Angel
Height 80 cm
Width 40 cm
Depth 48 cm

Height 60 cm
Width 45 cm 
Depth 45 cm

Weight approx. 160 kg.

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