Discobolus on Base - 155 cm - Solid Stone

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Discobolus on Base - 155 cm - Full Stone

Add a touch of classic beauty to your surroundings with our stunning Discobolus on pedestal sculpture.
Made entirely of stone, this impressive set exudes a timeless elegance that enriches any space.

With a height of about 155 cm and a width of 65 cm, this set is an imposing eye-catcher that attracts attention wherever it stands.

The Discobolus statue, a symbol of athletic perfection and artistic mastery, stands on an elegant pedestal and dominates with its majestic presence.
This set is an expression of sophistication and class, making it a special addition to any setting.

Be enchanted by the timeless splendour of the Discobolus on pedestal and add this special set to your collection.

Scope of delivery: 1x statue disco sphere + pedestal, stone

Dimensions approx:
Total height 155 cm

Height 95 cm
Width 65 cm
Depth 32 cm

Height 60 cm
Width 45 cm
Depth 45 cm

Weight approx. 140 kg.

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