Exclusive Stone Pedestal - Round - 80 cm - Highly Detailed

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Exclusive Stone Pedestal - Round - 80 cm - Highly Detailed

Experience the epitome of sophistication with our exclusive stone plinth, a beautiful round pedestal with sumptuous details.

This artwork is enriched with a tree, women, a woman on a swing and decorative accents, giving it an exceptionally exclusive character.
With a height of 80 cm, this pedestal is designed to majestically display works of art, sculptures or plants.
Indoors or outdoors, this plinth adds a decorative accent to your surroundings.

Place it in the garden for an enchanting decorative element or in the hall for a reception of refined elegance.
Discover the unique allure of this detailed stone plinth and give your space an unparalleled look.

Scope of delivery: 1x exclusive plinth, round, 80 cm

Dimensions approx:
Height 80 cm
Width 29 cm
Depth 26 cm

Weight approx. 50 kg.

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