Column - pedestal- Klingel- hand-carved colonial carvings, amazing!!

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Column - pedestal- Klingel- hand-carved colonial carvings, amazing!!

Beautiful large beautiful ornate pedestal, really just to look at though a fascination !! How beautiful is this hand-carved carving = art!!

This pedestal is of course just showing off in suitable surroundings with, for example, a beautiful statue or plant.

You can also make a beautiful décor table with a carrying board, these pedestals are of course perfect for this, a real eye catcher!!

Material is colonial wood carved and then put in brownwash, very nicely done, see the photos!! Please note that the sizes per pedestal are slightly different because this is hand carved !!

Delivery: 1 x pedestal, colonial carvings.

Sizes are approximately: High 77 cm x base 30 x 30 cm x top 25.5 x 25.5 cm.

Weight is approximately: 22 Kg !!

PLEASE NOTE: this pedestal cannot be transported via UPS-Kiala, sizes are too large!!!!!

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