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Dovecote - decorative bird feeder for pigeons, dovecote.

A highly decorative, handmade beautifully designed dovecote,

This beautiful dovecote is very stable and crafted of wood and painted with a weather resistant lacquer semi-gloss white. The house is hexagonal and features visually beautiful craft finesse. One of the six fronts can be fully opened for cleaning the hutch. The hinges are so expertly crafted that one cannot see them and thus do not disturb the harmony.
Supplied with the hutch is a metal sleeve into which you can put a wooden post to install it in the garden, you can find these in various lengths at the hardware store. The photos show the construction of this beautiful dovecote.
The roof of the dovecote is covered with bitumen / tar which provides protection against rain and moisture.
Even if you do not have pigeons - this beautiful and perfectly finished object can also be used as a bird house e.g. for songbirds it is already often used as a nesting place.

Scope of delivery:. 1 dovecote, - dovecote wood - with metal post holder, white wood.
(GAR-dovecot-small point roof-ESS-CF54W)

Dimensions approx:. House-height 88 cm x width 50 cm x 50 cm

Weight approx:. 9 Kg, must be transported on pallet or picked up!

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