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Cast iron stable window V-half round, swing window

Item No.: raamwerk-halfrond-klapbaar-68x37-DS-A-056

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A dutch stable window a beautiful semicircular and very practical stable window that you can also flip open.

This window is cast after historic original.

A nice window for renovations of old buildings such as stables or masonry in a garden wall or patio partition.

When installing in a garage keep in mind that these windows are not as draft free as modern windows.

If you don't like the rusty rust look: cast iron has the property of binding only surface rust (oxidation), but this can be easily brushed off.

One can then apply any color type desired.

The windows are available in multiples on request and can easily be fitted with different types of glass. We can supply you with different types on request.

These are 3 mm window glass that is cut to size. However, it is also possible to supply milk,- mirror,- and antique glass.

The glasswork is easy to apply:

There is enough space on the back of the frame to insert the desired glass. The glass windows can be put on with authentic putty or quickly with modern silicone sealant.

(We would like to deliver the product completely, however, this is not possible because transportation is required).

If you cannot find the right frame, please look further in our shop to see all the possibilities!

Custom ordering is not possible.

We can supply 4 different types of glass for this framework:

Window glass: plain clear new cut glass.

Antique glass: This gives the window the specific classic look. The through look works slightly bent and haze , containing small air bubbles - window does remain transparent.

Mirror - glass: Looks like a real window from afar and is attractive to hang on a wall, everything can be seen spatially in mirror image.

Prices glass are in the selection menu!!!

Delivery conditions:

1 frame semi-circular folding, cast iron.

Size approx.: 68 cm x 37 cm

(measured without wall anchors!)

Weight approx.: 12 kg

Attention: Can only be shipped in XXL boxes, this to avoid shipping damage, hence slightly more expensive shipping costs!!!

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