Knight Armour on stand - metal - 190 cm

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Knight's Armour on Stand - metal - 190 cm

This knight's armour is a beautiful and impressive piece of decoration that symbolises the courage and strength of the knights of days gone by.
A complete knight's armour consists of several parts, including a breastplate, shoulder pads, arm and leg protection and a helmet.

The armour was used not only for protection during battles, but also as a symbol of power and wealth. It was a status symbol for the knights and was often decorated with beautiful engravings and inlaid with precious stones. The whole thing gave an impressive impression of the wearer's strength and courage.

Today, knight's armour is often used as decoration in museums, castles and private collections. It is a beautiful piece of history that reminds us of the courage and chivalric values of medieval society. It is also a fascinating work of art that can be admired for its craft skills and exquisite details.

Complete Rider armour on a stand.
The stand is attached to the base with brackets (wooden plate 46 x 46 cm)

This harness is not new and has signs of use, however, this gives the harness an authentic look.

Scope of delivery: 1x knight's armour 190 cm

Dimensions approx:
Height 190 cm
Width 75 cm
Depth 46 cm

Base to which the armour is attached:
46 x 46 cm

Has traces of use so is not new!

Weight approx. 30 kg.

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