A large statue of Lady Justice, bronze-look, very beautiful!

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A large statue of Lady Justice, bronze-look, very beautiful!

This is a beautiful statue, which is very nicely crafted in detail. It is made of polyresin and has a bronze look. A large and very beautiful statue of Lady Justice!
Behind this statue is a beautiful history which makes this statue even more special, here is a brief description of the background of this statue.

In ancient Roman mythology, justice stood for poetic justice.
This bronze sculpture is a symbol that was transferred from the Christian Middle Ages to the present, now (as well as then) the sculptures of Justice (in art, for example, but also in literature) stood for criminal justice and legal status. Thus, in Western culture we often find these sculptures in buildings, in which justice is represented .

The sculpture offered here is a reproduction of one by the famous artist RODIN who was active more than a hundred years ago. Auguste Rodin is considered an important forerunner of modern art and created many impressive expressive bronze sculptures .

This sculpture is an absolute eye-catcher, beautifully crafted, large and has a great history!

Delivery Scope: 1 large statue of Lady Justice.

Dimensions approximately: length 28 cm x width 34 cm x height 76.5 cm.

Weight approx: 2,5 kg, however, this product must be insured and shipped extra thickly wrapped due to fragility, hence shipping costs are slightly higher.

Tags: statue, sculpture, large, bronze - look, polyresin, lady justice, law, rectitude, past, medieval, history, criminal justice, decoration.

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