Statue ''Kissing Couple'' by Ceramic - Chrome Finish

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Statue ''Kissing Couple'' by Ceramic - Chrome Finish

The "Kissing Couple" statue is a breathtaking work of art with a height of no less than 60 centimetres and a width of 40 centimetres.
This beautifully designed sculpture exudes love and connection in a unique way.

This artwork shows a couple in an intimate kiss, their bodies elegantly and subtly sculpted.
The chrome-like finish adds an extra layer of shine and sophistication to the aesthetic.

Crafted with attention to detail, the "Kissing Couple" is a timeless expression of love and romance.
It is a visual celebration of the bond between two people.

This artwork is perfect for romantics and those looking for a stylish and meaningful decoration piece.
Place it in a prominent place and let it fill the space with love and emotion.

With the "Kissing Couple" sculpture, you not only bring art into your home, but also a symbol of love and tenderness.

Scope of delivery: 1x sculpture kissing couple, ceramic

Dimensions approx:
Height 60 cm
Width 40 cm
Depth 18 cm

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