Statue Lizard XXL - 170 cm - Polystone - In Colour

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Statue Lizard XXL - 170 cm - Polystone - In Colour

Make a statement in your interior or outdoor space with this incredibly large XXL statue of a lizard.
With its impressive dimensions of 170 cm long and 60 cm wide, this statue is sure to attract attention and be a real eye-catcher.

Made of durable polystone material, this beautiful statue is highly detailed and full of colour.
Every scale and texture of the lizard has been carefully rendered, giving it a realistic look.

It is a work of art that brings the beauty of nature to life.

Whether you want to decorate your living room, garden, terrace or business space, this XXL sculpture of a lizard is sure to attract attention and add a unique touch.

It can be a beautiful statement piece in a modern interior or add an exotic touch to an outdoor space.

A true eye-catcher, this sculpture will provoke conversation and admiration.
It is perfect for reptile enthusiasts, animal lovers and art lovers looking for a unique and eye-catching decorative piece.

Delivery scope: 1x sculpture lizard xl polystone

Dimensions approx:
Length 170 cm
Width 60 cm
Height 31 cm

Weight approx. 8 kg.


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