Sundial Atlas, bronze-brass, Aris Mundi Apollo, man carries earth.


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Sundial Atlas, bronze-brass, Aris Mundi Apollo, man carrying earth.

The Sundial Atlas is made of bronze-brass and has the shape of the god Apollo carrying the earth.

This sundial, named Aris Mundi, is a beautiful work of art that symbolizes the connection between the sun and the earth.

The image of Apollo carrying the earth represents the power and importance of the sun as the source of life on our planet.

This sundial is not only a functional tool for reading the time, but also a decorative piece that adds a touch of mysticism and spirituality to any garden or courtyard.

It is a unique and meaningful piece of art that will attract attention and garner admiration from any passerby.

Delivery: 1 sundial man carries earth TB-0065BR.

Dimensions approx:

Height is approximately 73 cm

Wide approximately 50 cm

Depth is approximately 34 cm

Weight is approximately 10 Kg

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