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Granite sphere X as a watercourse, ornament, standing, pond ornament, water stairs, last!

Item No.: water-bol-graniet-37
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Granite ball as watercourse, ornament, standing, pond ornament, water stairs. last!

Beautiful granite ball as water ornament, water stairs, consisting of a granite ball that from below with the help of a (not included) pump, water can flow around beautifully.
Of course, you can also place this ornament in or near the pond and adjust the connections to suit your needs. Salngen and connectors are available at any hardware store.
When the pump is adjusted correctly, the water will flow evenly along the stone, which is really nice to see.

Delivery: 1 ball of granite with water hole.

Sizes are approximately:

Standing granite ball approximately: height 37 cm x diameter is 45 cm.
The holes have 1 diameter of approximately 3 cm.

Weight of this column is approximately 75 Kg.

Combined weight approx. 85 Kg. So transport on pallet or pickup.

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