Manganese filter, water filter, remove manganese from water

Item No.: WZ-25-cm-mangaan-filter
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Manganese filter, water filter, remove manganese from water.

Manganese causes a brown color of the water and a dirty metallic taste to the water, especially if you drink this, this is of course not desirable, tasty and healthy.

With this water filter you can filter this substance out of the water. It is suitable for our filter systems with UV technology and without UV technology.

If you really only want to filter this filter, and therefore manganese, you can use it in the following filter.

If you want to combine this with other filters, you can find the suitable filters under ''filters and accessories'' and the suitable system under ''water purification installations'' (possibly with or without UV technology). The water treatment plants contain standard filters, so you may not need to order separate filters (manganese is not standard).

Scope of delivery: manganese filter, 25 cm.

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