Water filter, clean drinking water, self-sufficient, home system

Item No.: WZ-25-cm-UV-HANG-PP-CTO-PP
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Water treatment plant, water filters, clean drinking water, self-sufficient.

A water purification system, a heavy system that can be used to purify rainwater, for example. Tiny houses, campsites, this water treatment plant is suitable for very dirty water, but also for water from the tap at home, for example.To purify the water, so that the bacteria and viruses no longer end up in the water under which you shower or what you drink. This is significantly better for your health!

This is a 3 filter system that is quite powerful and is therefore also suitable for cleaning rainwater or very bad drinking water (such as in southern countries in Europe and some places in Northern Europe).

This system has the following features and phases:

- 4 Stage water filtration system
- 25 cm filters: 30 liters per minute
- High output UV lamp
- wall model

First phase
20 micron PP cartridge
To remove sediment, rust and scale.

Second phase
5 Micron CTO cartridge
To remove bad taste, smell, chlorine, chemicals and cysts.

Third stage
1 micron PP cartridge
m sediment, rust and scale removal.

Fourth stage
UV sterilizer
A UV lamp ensures that the other bacteria and viruses are removed (up to 99.99%)

This is a powerful system, suitable for very dirty water. If you want to purify pure and only drinking water in, for example, the Netherlands (where the drinking water is not as bad as in Spain, for example), the two filter system is also sufficient.

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