Water purification system / water treatment plant, selfsuficient, clean water

Item No.: WZ-25-cm-UV-HANG-CTO-PP
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Water purification system / water treatment plant, selfsuficient, clean water.

This is a drinking water filter system / water treatment plant, perfect for removing water, which comes from the tap, for example, early from bacteria and viruses, since they are still present in the current drinking water. This system removes 99.99% of these bacteria and viruses from the water. This is better for health and since it turns out that water is being purified less and less well, such a system is perfect.

This system has the following characteristics and phases:

- 3 Stages water filtration system
- 25 cm filters: 30 liters per minute
- High output UV lamp
- wall model

First phase
5 micron CTO cartridge
To remove bad taste, smell, chlorine, chemicals and cysts.

Second phase
1 micron PP cartridge
To remove sediment, rust and scale.

Third phase
UV sterilizer
A UV lamp ensures that the other bacteria and viruses are removed (up to 99.99%)

This would be a nice system for home or in a company, to purify worse (for example rainwater), on a campsite or in a tiny house you would be better off with a larger system.

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