Wall Fountain with Woman - 115 cm - Stone

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Wall Fountain with Woman - 115 cm - Stone 

This particular fountain is a true work of art, featuring a beautiful image of a woman with a pitcher from which water flows, alongside a traditional water spout above it.

At 115 cm tall, this wall fountain is a special addition to any outdoor space.
The image of the woman with the pitcher adds a touch of classic beauty and sophistication, while the flowing water spout creates a soothing sound that brings a sense of calm.

Made entirely of stone, this wall fountain exudes durability and timeless elegance.
Optionally, choose a matching tap or water spout to complete the look and transform your outdoor space into an oasis of peace and beauty.

Excl. pump.

Scope of delivery: 1x wall fountain with woman, 115 cm

Dimensions approx:
Height 115 cm
Width 60 cm
Depth 50 cm

Width inside basin is 45 cm and 35 cm high.

Total weight approx. 175 kg.

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