Flagpole holder with French Lily - Black - Cast iron

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Flagpole holder with French Lily - Black - Cast iron

This high-quality cast iron piece in a deep black shade combines functionality with sophistication, making it not only a flagpole holder, but also a decorative addition.

With a height of 27 cm, this flagpole holder offers the perfect support for your flagpole.
Embellished with an ornate French lily, the design adds a touch of royal allure to your outdoor space.

The black cast iron finish ensures durability and timeless aesthetics, while the French lily adds a touch of history and elegance.
Place it in your garden, on your terrace or at your entrance to add an unmistakable flair to your surroundings.

Experience the sophistication of functional art with our Flagpole Holder with French Lily. 

Scope of delivery: 1x flagpole holder french lily, black, cast iron

Dimensions approx:
Height 27 cm
Width 13 cm
Depth 20 cm

Weight approx. 1.4 kg

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