Large Wall Fountain - 75 cm - Cast iron - Green with Brown

Item No.: forse.wandfnt.gietijz.groen.br.75cm
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Sturdy Wall Fountain - 75 cm - Cast iron - Green with Brown

Discover our imposing cast iron wall fountain - a robust and elegant addition to your outdoor space.
At around 75 cm tall, this fountain is a powerful presence in any garden or patio.

The vintage green colour with brown accents gives a classic look to this timeless model.

The sturdy construction and classic design make this fountain not only an aesthetic asset, but also a functional element for adding soothing sounds and a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space.

Bring a touch of nostalgia to your garden or patio with this beautiful wall fountain and create an atmosphere of tranquillity and elegance to be enjoyed.

Delivery scope: 1x wall fountain cast iron, green with brown

Dimensions approx:
Height 75 cm
Width 43 cm
Depth 23 cm

Weight approx. 25 kg.

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