Owl on Tree Trunk XL - Full in Colour - Polystone

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Owl on Tree Trunk XL - Full in Colour - Polystone

Bring the mysterious beauty of nature indoors with our stunning Owl on Tree Stump XL.

This masterpiece of detailed craftsmanship brings the magic of the forest to life in your own home.
At 80 cm tall and 55 cm wide, this sculpture exudes an imposing presence that transforms any room.
Made entirely from durable polystone.

Every aspect of this majestic owl, from its piercing eyes to its plumage, has been sculpted with unprecedented precision to capture the true essence of nature.

Scope of delivery: 1x owl on tree stump xl, colour, polystone

Dimensions approx:
Height 80 cm
Width 55 cm
Depth 40 cm

Weight approx. 12 kg.

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