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PP, 20 microns, 50 cm, water filter for water systems

Item No.: WZ-50-cm-20-micron-PP-patroon
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PP, 20 microns, 50 cm, water filter for water systems.

A pattern for our systems, with this filter you purify sediment, rust, scale and sand from the water. This is the 50 cm polypropylene pattern that can therefore be used in the larger systems. Since this is a 20 micron cartridge, it can purify more water than a 1 - or 5 micron cartridge, so it purifies fewer small particles.

It is advisable to renew these patterns every six months, this of course depends on the water you purify, you can monitor this by occasionally viewing the filters.

Scope of delivery: PP filter cartridge, 20 microns.

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