Robust Garden Vase - 55 cm - Stone

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Robust Garden Vase - 55 cm - Stone

Make a statement in your garden with this beautiful robust garden vase!
With its impressive height of 55 cm and striking design, this vase is a true eye-catcher that will beautify any outdoor space.

The design of this garden vase is a combination of robustness and sophistication.
The round vase is detailed with beautiful accents, while the hexagonal base adds a unique and elegant element. 

Whether you have a flowering garden or a sleek and modern outdoor space, this sturdy garden vase fits perfectly with any style.
Place it on your terrace, along a garden path or in the middle of a flower bed to create a stunning effect and attract the attention of all your guests.

Add a touch of class and beauty to your outdoor space with this beautiful garden vase and enjoy its timeless charm.

Delivery scope: 1x rob. garden vase, stone

Dimensions approx:
Height 55 cm
Diameter 40 cm 
Diameter inside 25 m
Depth inside 35 cm

Weight approx. 35 kg.

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